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Well-Being Update: Occupational Safety, Our Workers and Your Health in Windshield Replacement

We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this global pandemic. This April certainly looks different from past ones, but as we embark on this season together, we will come out on the other side stronger and more united. As a...

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Best Cars in 2020

It is a brand-new year, and it just might be time to upgrade your car. Before making a big investment like this, however, one must consider their lifestyle. Do you have a longer commute to work? Is this car for the entire family or just for your...

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Glass America Gifting

It's the holiday season which means thinking of gifts for family, friends and even co-workers. In the spirit of not being wasteful, the best kinds of gifts are the perfect marriage of thoughtful and practical. For the individuals you see every day...

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Can I Get My Windshield Replaced without Insurance?

The simple and quick answer is: Yes, you can replace your windshield without insurance. Now, your follow-up question might be: How much will that cost? Knowing the costs associated with a windshield replacement or repair is a good place to start...

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Tips for Removing Fall Leaves from Windshield

Fallen leaves during the autumn months can be more than just a pain. In fact, they can actually cause harm to your windshield. From getting stuck on your windshield wipers to causing scratches to the glass, it is important to learn the correct and...

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What are the Advantages of Using a Full Protection Windshield Cover?

You should use a full protection windshield cover 365 days a year. The winter and summer months (and all of those in-between) can really do a number on your windshield. By protecting it, you minimize the risk of chipping or cracking your windshield...

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Back to School Carpool

It is that time of year again – back to school season is upon us! On top of buying brand new school supplies and new sneakers, back to school carpool schedules are being organized. The key to effectively transport children in the mornings and...

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How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip this Summer

School is officially out for the summer which means it is time for a family road trip! The key to the best, most memorable family trips is trips are the ones that can successfully keep both children and adults entertained. Although the Fourth of...

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Windshield Glass: Tempered vs. Laminate - What Are the Differences?

Not all glass is created equal. In fact, there are two common types of glass that are found in the safety category for various uses, like automobiles for example. The two main break-resistant glasses are tempered and laminate. In order to choose the...

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Help: What Are Those Black Dots on My Windshield?

A vehicle's windshield is arguably one of the most important elements to maintain its structure and the safety of the driver and its passengers in the event of an accident. However, many drivers and car owners may not fully understand its purpose....

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