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Making Windshield Auto Glass: The Engineering Behind It

The first cars invented did not have windshields, which left drivers and their passengers exposed to the elements while wearing goggles. In time, engineers and manufacturers banded together to remedy this. The first windshields not only kept rain...

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New 2021 Cars Windshield Tech

Technology continues to take the automotive industry by storm. In 2021 alone, about 30 vehicles are being reimagined and redesigned. Adding greater technological capabilities, these vehicles are becoming safer and more convenient for drivers....

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Glass Design by Make and Model

Although a windshield is likely one of the most important features in a vehicle not found under the hood, many people do not even consider the thought and engineering that goes into windshield glass design. Contrary to popular belief, not all...

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How Can You Spot a Bad Windshield Tech?

If you feel like you are often ripped off by your mechanic, you are not alone. It is a popular sentiment. However, when it comes to windshield repair there are certain standards that should, or even must be met. To prevent real and perceived...

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Makes, Models and their Windshields

There are cars for every type of person. A soccer parent who does the carpool three times a week might prefer an SUV or van, while a new college student might be looking to purchase a gas-efficient sedan. As one can imagine, a vehicle, be it luxury...

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The Latest Car Technology: A Visual Progression

From horse carriages to self-driving cars, we have come a long way in transportation. Within the automotive industry itself, we have seen vehicles go from inaccessibly unaffordable to mass produced and in every driveway. The history of cars is an...

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What Are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

You have probably noticed the lines on the rear windshield of your vehicle but do you know their function? That's right, these lines are not just decorative but rather they serve a purpose – they are defrosters, a feature many people use...

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Auto Glass Repairs: Which Auto Glass Parts Can be Repaired & What has to be Replaced?

It happens to all of us, somewhere down the line a piece of gravel chips the front windshield or a child's ball flies into your vehicle, cracking the side or rear window glass and repairs are necessary. Since it's a rare occasion that you need auto...

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Windshield Chipped or Cracked? How to Tell the Difference

Imagine it's a beautiful day out and you're driving down the highway soaking in all that surrounds you. You're two exits from your destination, and suddenly a truck full of loose gravel pulls in front of you. Before you have a chance to change...

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The Windshield Replacement Process

A windshield does much more than block wind and bugs from entering the vehicle; in fact, it is a primary support for the roof of the car, designed to prevent it from caving in on itself should a roll-over accident occurs. Experts in the industry...

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