What Are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

What Are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

Mar 02, 2018

You have probably noticed the lines on the rear windshield of your vehicle but do you know their function? That's right, these lines are not just decorative but rather they serve a purpose – they are defrosters, a feature many people use regularly. The back glass is made of tempered glass or "safety glass," which is able to withstand blunt force without shattering into dangerous shards. This pane assists in the structure of the vehicle and allows the driver to use the rearview mirror safely and effectively when changing lanes or reversing out of a parking spot. All models come in different shapes and sizes with slightly different windshield technology so it's important to ensure your car gets the proper replacement glass if damage occurs.

Windshield Tech - Rear Windshield Defrosters

All drivers on the road should have clear visibility out of all windows in the vehicle at all times while driving. Rear windshield defrosters, also known as the lines or wires in the glass, are thermal and integrated into the rear defroster system to ensure visibility while driving in all weather conditions. The defroster system works in tandem with the front windshield defroster and runs a small electric current to heat the rear windshield glass, which is how fog and frost are managed. When power is applied, these conductors, or lines, heat up, thawing ice and evaporating condensation from the glass. The back glass in certain models may include additional enhancements such as rear windshield wipers and sliding panes or panes that open outward allowing for increased circulation, depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

Getting the Right Replacement Back Glass

When working on windshield repairs and replacements, expert glass technicians must take heed of the specific glass needed for your car to function properly. Using the VIN number, you ensure a back glass replacement with all the features your car includes, and your pricing on the online quote is, therefore, more accurate. It is important when replacing your rear windshield to get the right type of glass installed, given the technology embedded in your car or truck's rear windshield. Glass America uses only the highest quality adhesives, epoxies, and replacement glass. Whether you choose OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass or OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) quality glass your replacement will be a perfect fit with all the features in your car's original rear windshield. In need of auto glass repairs or replacements? Don't wait! Call Glass America today at (877) 220-1724 to schedule your appointment.


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