ADAS & Calibration

Windshield Camera Recalibration

New car technology has elevated the driving experience. More than that, it has made driving safer and more efficient. That said, much of the new tech in vehicles is driven by a camera connected to the windshield. This camera is part of the car’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). When there is any damage to your vehicle, the camera needs proper recalibration.

What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Some examples are Blind Spot Detection, Forward Collision Avoidance, Lane Keep Assist, and Lane Departure Warning. These features alert the driver by means of auditory, visual, or haptic signals.

What is Windshield Calibration?

The calibration process adjusts and tests all of the cameras and sensors on the windshield. If not working properly, the ADAS cannot function at full capacity.

When Do You Need a Windshield Calibration?

A windshield calibration can take place during any scheduled windshield replacement or repair. However, a sensor can be disturbed in instances as minor as a small collision or fender bender. In these cases, the windshield may remain unscathed, which is not necessarily a cry for calibration but we are here to tell you it is – at Glass America, we will never risk your safety or that of your passengers. After any accident – no matter how small, it is vital to schedule a consultation to ensure the windshield and ADAS are functioning properly. A windshield camera calibration can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes and is the best way to ensure you are as safe as you can be behind the wheel.

Types of Windshield Camera Recalibration

Dynamic recalibration

This camera recalibration requires driving the vehicle at a set speed for a specific time frame on a well-marked road during optimum weather conditions. This can take up to one hour, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The purpose of this calibration is to ensure the vehicle is accustomed to the road so that it can perform its necessary functions.

Static recalibration

During this calibration process, a specific target image is mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle. This one does not require driving, as it is more about keeping external factors constant to test the functionality of the cameras. This method takes an hour or more, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The Recalibration Process with Glass America

When you have your windshield repaired or replaced, you expect that all of your car’s technology will work as it did when it was new. The auto glass technicians at Glass America will ensure that every feature connected to or working with your windshield is working as expected. Quality service and workmanship are our goals every time. You can trust that once your vehicle has left our hands, the ADAS is working at full functionality. Your safety is our number one priority.


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