Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

I, D & E at Glass America

At Glass America, we believe in building a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace that reflects the communities we serve across the country. We encourage every member of the Glass America team to be welcoming and understanding of others and look for the value each person brings to the team. This forward-thinking view will help us ensure our success as a company, and as individuals, for years to come.


We aim to build an inclusive workplace that provides equal access to opportunities and encourages empowerment and well-being for all Glass America team members.


We aim to represent and celebrate the differences of those in the communities Glass America serves including age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and ability.


We aim to provide access to the same opportunities for everyone on the Glass America team, without bias.

Glass America’s I, D & E Roadmap

As we look ahead, we are driven to create a change and be leaders in our industry. We will continue to work to ensure the communities we serve are reflected in the people, policies, and processes at Glass America. We understand that building an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace takes time and the efforts of every team member to be successful. Every member of the Glass America team should feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

It is essential that our employees, customers, and the communities we serve come together as one. We must hold one another accountable. This is a journey we will navigate together.

Our Leadership

The concern for building an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace and world is echoed by every leader and employee at Glass America.

"Glass America cares deeply about our employees and their families - and this cultural spirit has created a sustainable level of differentiation in all we do internally and in support of our customers. A key ingredient of our cultural differentiation is our steadfast organizational commitment to being a leader of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity across our workforce. We are committed to ensuring our workforce is fully reflective of the communities we serve because it is the right thing to do. It’s right for our society, our communities, our company, and all our current and future team members. Further, we firmly believe that embracing views and perspectives from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences is critical to spurring higher levels of innovation, rigorous debate, and, ultimately, realizing superior levels of business performance, customer experience, and sustainable competitive differentiation."

- John Wysseier, Chief Executive Officer

From creating job criteria and screening candidates to onboarding, recruiting, and promoting, Glass America is committed to taking the necessary actions for building an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace for the success of all.


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