Glass Design by Make and Model

Glass Design by Make and Model

Feb 08, 2019

Although a windshield is likely one of the most important features in a vehicle not found under the hood, many people do not even consider the thought and engineering that goes into windshield glass design. Contrary to popular belief, not all windshields are created equal. Although most are, in fact, made of laminated glass to prevent shattering after a collision, different models of vehicles require different sizes, curvatures, and thickness.

Toyota Corolla vs. Toyota Prius

A "standard" windshield size is considered 59 inches x 31.5 inches, however, because every car is shaped differently, no two windshields are exactly alike. For instance, the Toyota Corolla is a common and popular sedan, but its windshield dimensions are not the standard. In fact, its windshield is 58 inches x 27.5 inches, which means it is smaller overall. Alternatively, the Toyota Prius is a sedan with a taller roof, meaning it has a taller windshield. Every windshield is crafted to fit each individual car perfectly, and as every car's width and height differs, so does its windshield size. When a windshield needs to be replaced, the technician must ask for the make and model of the vehicle.

SF-01 Street/Track Car

Sports cars are slightly different from your standard four-door sedan. An SF-01, for example, requires a smaller windshield with more curvature. In fact, this is a recent trend in an effort to eliminate blind spots and ensure safety. No matter the size or purpose of a vehicle, windshields are specifically designed for each individual one.

Freightliner Truck

Finally, a Freightliner truck can have a windshield spanning up to six feet in length. In order to maintain the strength needed to meet the safety standards, the glass must be much thicker. Because of the sheer size and weight of a windshield of this magnitude, Freightliners commonly have split windshields. This means the windshield is installed in two pieces. This is very different from the vehicles previously mentioned. This is yet another example of how each type of vehicle has a windshield specifically crafted for its size, dimensions and even usage. Every single vehicle on the market is different, even when it belongs to a certain type. Each make and model comes with specific dimensions, classifications and safety requirements, which means they require a unique windshield. Thankfully, Glass America is equipped to replace any windshield on the market. After determining the make and model of your specific vehicle, our experts contact the right manufacturers to guarantee a proper replacement. Our technicians understand and respect the careful thought behind windshield glass design. More than anything else, we value the importance of road safety and what goes into guaranteeing that. Glass America offers free and convenient mobile service! This means that no matter the size of your vehicle, our technicians can meet you where you are to replace a damaged windshield. Contact your local Glass America today or get a free quote instantly!


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