Glass America Gifting

Glass America Gifting

Dec 09, 2019

It's the holiday season which means thinking of gifts for family, friends and even co-workers. In the spirit of not being wasteful, the best kinds of gifts are the perfect marriage of thoughtful and practical. For the individuals you see every day but are not in your closest friend group, there is a science to finding the perfect gift. That science can be broken down into three categories. The Techy When purchasing for co-workers, consider the day-to-day tech-related items that can make their work and personal lives that much more convenient.

  1. Bluetooth headphones or speakers
  2. Portable charger with multiple USB ports
  3. Amazon Echo

The Organizer This is the co-worker who writes handwritten notes while everyone else is typing away at meetings. This person would likely love some stationery or other paper goods.

  1. 2020 daily or weekly planner
  2. "Thank You" cards
  3. Leather notebook

The Frazzled Now, there are bosses and co-workers who are always going that extra mile. For those people in your life, there is nothing sweeter or more practical than buying them a "break."

  1. Gift card for a spa day
  2. Neck massager
  3. Bottle of wine

Chances are, all of your co-workers likely fall under one of these three categories or a few of them. In which case, these gift ideas are merely a jumping-off point. There are the physical gifts you can wrap, and the experiences they will never forget. Nevertheless, holiday gifting that screams "I know you," but also has a practical element, goes a long, long way. Because Glass America understands you might have that family friend or co-worker with a chipped windshield and "no time" to get it repaired, we offer a unique Holiday Special with $20 off this time of year. We might be able to provide a physically wrapped windshield to put under the tree. However, this holiday season, you can give the gift of windshield repair or replacement. Nothing says I love you quite like helping someone check that major item off of their to-do list that also ensures their safety. Contact your local Glass America to purchase a windshield replacement or repair for your close friend or family member.


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