How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip this Summer

How to Plan a Successful Family Road Trip this Summer

Jul 15, 2019

School is officially out for the summer which means it is time for a family road trip! The key to the best, most memorable family trips is trips are the ones that can successfully keep both children and adults entertained. Although the Fourth of July has come and gone, yard games, creative activities, and sparklers can still be a part of your next vacation. Consider these fun activities to do with your family while on your next road trip. Whether these activities are enjoyed while on the road in your family car or at rest stops and campsites along the way, there are fun activities for the entire family.

On the Road

While on the road, you can keep children entertained with Disney movie sing-alongs and audiobooks of some traditional favorites including Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst or Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. Anything that breaks the silence but also keeps children from shouting and distracting the driver is ideal. In addition, you can tell stories about past family road trips and take a detour down memory lane. Finally, a popular game to play in the car is 20 Questions. An easy game to play, each person can imagine a person, place or item and answers 20 questions with a "yes" or "no" until someone can guess it correctly. The whole family can participate, and before you know it, hours have gone by!

Rest Stops and Campsites

Now, how do you keep children and teenagers entertained when they cannot plug in their electronic devices? The answer: life-sized Jenga - or any other yard game that is inclusive and highly entertaining. Card games like Uno and Go Fish, for example, are also a big hit. The best and easiest way to avoid a restless crowd is to keep them occupied. However, once you have reached your overnight campsite, you need to bring out some of the greatest of them all: campfire activities. This encompasses everything from making S'mores and telling scary stories to playing with leftover sparklers from the recent holiday. Did you reach your site before nightfall? Then consider a fun project like tie dying! This 60s and 70s classic look is back - proving to be both fun for kids and nostalgic for their parents. No matter where your summer road trips take you and your family, Glass America prioritizes your family's safety. We encourage you to have your car inspected before you hit the road. The easiest way to ensure you are ready to go is to get the seal of approval that your windshield is in perfect condition. If it isn't, you can have the confidence to know it was repaired before you start your adventure. Contact Glass America today for a consultation!


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