Tips for Removing Fall Leaves from Windshield

Tips for Removing Fall Leaves from Windshield

Oct 16, 2019

Fallen leaves during the autumn months can be more than just a pain. In fact, they can actually cause harm to your windshield. From getting stuck on your windshield wipers to causing scratches to the glass, it is important to learn the correct and efficient way of removing fallen autumn leaves from your windshield. Tips for Removing Fall Leaves

  • Clean the windshield before the leaves fall.
  • Clean the windshield while it is dry.
  • When the leaves fall, remove them while dry and then clean your glass.

The main ingredient in every tip is a dry windshield. Why? Well, when the glass is dry, old leaves are less likely to stick. If the windshield is clean and dry, then the leaves have nothing to stick to and make grime. Of course, the fall season can be a wet one. It is not uncommon for leaves to fall on a rainy day and land on your windshield. If you are unable to park your car somewhere covered, then you have to use a glass cleaner. The key to cleaning with a glass cleaner is to not let the solution dry before wiping off the dirt and/or leaves. How to Protect Your Windshield That said, if you are parking your car under or near trees during the fall season, invest in a windshield cover. This cover is not only useful to keep your car and windshield from overheating in the summer months, but it can also protect your windshield in the fall and winter, too. Any leaves - dry or wet - that land on your cover can be easily wiped off or removed, instead of requiring more intensive maintenance. As the fall season continues, consider checking your windshield for any chips or cracks. If you need a repair, it is best to do it now before the temperature cools further and the crack or chip gets bigger. No matter where you are, Glass America's mobile service brings the repair or installation straight to you. Contact your local Glass America today for a consultation!


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