What are the Advantages of Using a Full Protection Windshield Cover?

What are the Advantages of Using a Full Protection Windshield Cover?

Sep 12, 2019

You should use a full protection windshield cover 365 days a year. The winter and summer months (and all of those in-between) can really do a number on your windshield. By protecting it, you minimize the risk of chipping or cracking your windshield or damaging the tinted glass. There are definite benefits to purchasing a full protection windshield cover, and always using it when the car is parked outside. Full Protection Windshield Cover for the Colder Months The drastic changes and fluctuations in temperature that occur in the fall and winter months can absolutely damage your windshield. Generally waterproof, the windshield cover prevents morning dew from freezing on your windshield, adding time to your commute each morning to defrost. Normally, you might decide to do a number of "hacks" to combat an icy windshield but here are the reasons why that is doing more harm than good.

  1. Pour warm water to melt the ice. No, don't do this. In fact, the drastic change in temperature can actually crack your windshield.
  2. Tap the ice with a hammer to break the ice into pieces. Absolutely not! This often results in an impact hole or large crack in the windshield.
  3. Scrape the ice off with a metal scraper. Although this one is very common, it can result in major scratches on your windshield, which can affect sightlines.
  4. Pour a mixture of vinegar and water on the windshield overnight to prevent freezing. The issue with this idea is that vinegar eats pits into the windshield. 

The easiest and most full-proof way to protect your windshield is to cover it and prevent freezing altogether. Full Protection Windshield Cover for the Hotter Months Although a freezing windshield is not a concern in the later spring and summer months, a full protection windshield cover is still very relevant. In fact, extreme heat (like extreme cold) can put stress on your windshield and make it more prone to breaks. In addition, it protects your vehicle interior from being damaged by the sun's harsh UV rays. Glass America highly recommends a full protection windshield cover no matter where you live or what season you are currently experiencing. Before you purchase one, however, book a consultation with Glass America to ensure your windshield is in its best possible condition. By repairing any chips or installing a new windshield to combat a major crack, you are starting off properly and this means your new windshield - with its cover, can last much longer than normal. Contact your local Glass America today for a consultation!


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