Women of Glass America

Women of Glass America

Feb 01, 2022

It is always a great time to celebrate women, especially women in any industry preconceived to be dominated by men. The auto glass industry is certainly one of those where technicians are thought to be all men. However, we are happy to say that thought is not true. In fact, women have played key roles in the history of the automotive industry – as a whole.

Standout Female Inventors in the Automotive Industry

In 1902, Mary Anderson noticed how unsafe it was to drive during the rain, snow, or sleet because of restricted visibility. She went on to produce and patent the first windshield wiper. Although previous designs were attempted, her invention is the mold still used to this day.

In addition, actress Florence Lawrence may have been known for her films, but she is also a renowned inventor. She developed what was called the “auto signaling arm,” which is the first mechanical turn signal and brake signal. This was not patented, and she did not receive immediate credit – but she is known today as a true gearhead and someone who set the tone for future inventions of this kind.

Women in the Auto Glass Industry

To assume cars are mostly a hobby for men is an unfair assumption to make. From fictional characters like Betty from the Archie Comics to real gearheads like Florence Lawrence, mechanics is not just “for the boys.” In fact, 16% of mechanical engineers are women.

Cars and other motor vehicles have so many elements, however, mechanical engineers are not the only ones seeing an influx of female staff. The auto glass industry has seen a rise in women in the workplace. Women are encouraged to train and become core team members of repair and replacement shops. The opportunity to learn and grow in the industry is not limited to any one gender. Women, like men, are encouraged to learn the ins and outs of the repair process, replacement specifics, and the importance of customer service.

At Glass America, women are an important part of our team of auto glass technicians. Matison Brothers has almost 5 years of experience in the industry and recently shared “My favorite thing is to show my daughter she can do anything no matter the profession.” And we couldn’t agree more, Matison. Maybe your daughter will follow your lead one day and choose a profession in a field that has been thought of as a traditional, male-dominated field. Another Glass America auto glass technician, Erica Cull, has 11 years of experience in the automotive industry and over 3 years in the role of an auto glass technician. Erica recently explained “As a female in a male dominant industry, I strive every day to prove I am capable of anything a man can do. I hope to one day train and influence other women in this industry. I love my job. It's challenging and always changing.” The time is upon us, Erica, and we are beyond proud to have both you and Matison on the Glass America team.

Glass America wants to open more doors for women in the auto glass industry. We hope to hire and train even more women to join our team. The increased diversity will not only make even more women comfortable to join this field, but it will even make some of our clients feel empowered and safer.

Celebrate Women in the Automotive Industry

Join us in celebrating women today, tomorrow, and every day of the year. If you need a windshield repair or replacement and have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our customer service representatives. Serving our community and keeping them safe is our number one priority – and that starts with making sure your windshield is functioning at 100%!

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