How to Remove Snow Properly From Your Windshield

How to Remove Snow Properly From Your Windshield

Nov 15, 2023

With winter quickly approaching, it’s crucial to know how to remove snow from your windshield, as it will likely be a part of your daily routine. This information is essential for safe driving in winter conditions (for you and your fellow drivers on the road.) To avoid damaging your auto glass, follow these steps to properly remove snow from your vehicle:

Prepare in Advance: Before the snowfall, consider using a windshield cover or tarp to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your windshield.

Safety First: Ensure your vehicle is parked safely and securely. Turn on your engine to start defrosting your windshield and heating the interior.

Use the Right Tools: You'll need a few tools to remove snow effectively:

  • A snow brush or snow broom with a long handle
  • An ice scraper with a sturdy plastic blade
  • A can of de-icing spray, if necessary

Clear Snow First: Start by gently brushing or sweeping the snow off your windshield, roof, and hood. Be thorough, and remember to clear the side windows and rear windshield. This helps prevent the snow from sliding down and obstructing your view while driving.

Scrape Ice Gently: If there's ice on your windshield, use the ice scraper to remove it gently. Be careful not to scratch the glass, and avoid using metal objects, as they can cause damage. You should never pour hot water on an ice-covered windshield. The sudden temperature change can cause the glass to crack or shatter.  Avoid trying to break the ice with a key or screwdriver - all this does is chip away at the ice and the glass. Here are the best methods for ice scraping:

  • Use the ridged side of a plastic ice scraper. Because this contraption is made for this purpose, it is gentle on the glass, but hard on the ice
  • Make vertical slashes down the window and then scrape across the window surface to break the ice into chunks

Use De-Icing Spray: If your windshield is covered with a layer of ice that's difficult to scrape, you can use a de-icing spray. Spray it on the windshield and let it sit for a minute or two before scraping.

Remove Snow on Wipers: Don't forget to clear the snow and ice from your windshield wipers. Gently lift them away from the windshield, clean them off, and then put them back in place.

Clean Side Mirrors: Ensure your side mirrors are also free of snow and ice for better visibility.

Check Your Lights: Clear your headlights and taillights of snow and ice, as this is essential for visibility and safety.

Don't Rush: Take your time to remove all the snow and ice completely. Rushing can lead to incomplete removal and potential hazards while driving.

Drive Safely: Once your windshield and the rest of your vehicle are clear of snow and ice, you can start driving. Always drive cautiously and be mindful of slippery road conditions.

Properly clearing your vehicle of snow and ice is not just a safety measure; it's often a legal requirement in many areas. Failing to do so can result in fines and penalties. So, always make sure to clear your windshield and the entire vehicle before hitting the road in winter weather. If you encounter any auto glass chips or cracks this winter, Glass America is right here to help! With our complimentary mobile service, we come to you, making the process convenient and seamless.


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