Auto Glass Just Isn\'t Auto Glass Anymore: Why You Need Professional Repairs and Replacements

Auto Glass Just Isn\'t Auto Glass Anymore: Why You Need Professional Repairs and Replacements

Nov 01, 2017

Technology advancement in windshield features and quality is happening at lightning speed; as soon as we can imagine a new product or product feature, it's available to us. There are more new features and technological upgrades that can be found in the front windshield and back glass on newer model vehicles than ever. Over the past five plus years we have seen improvements to such systems as rain sensors, cruise control, front and back cameras, GPS and many others. The real question is, what happens to all of the nifty sensors and enhanced safety gadgets if you damage this new and improved auto glass?

The 411 on ADAS Windshield Technology

Windshields these days come packed full of a wide array of practical and useful technologies that make for a safe and enjoyable ride. The term that describes these improvements is ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. ADAS is a group of safety systems built in to your vehicle that work in unison to increase the level of safety while you drive, alerting the driver of unsafe conditions that could lead to a collision.

ADAS Systems that could be present in the auto glass on your vehicle:

  • Front Facing Camera - This may need to be recalibrated after a windshield replacement.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control - This system will automatically adjust your speed to maintain a set following distance from the car ahead.
  • Heated Windshields - These windshields have a built-in grid of electrical lines that apply a small amount of heat to help in cold weather.
  • Forward Collision Warning - This collision avoidance system uses cameras and radar located on the front windshield to alert you of a potential collision.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking - Works in conjunction with the Forward Collision Warning to automatically apply the brakes if a collision is imminent.
  • Rain Sensors - Automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers use optical sensors to detect moisture on the windshield and automatically activate the wipers.
  • Lane Departure Alert System - This system uses cameras to detect the lane markers on both sides of your vehicle and alerts you if you veer out of your lane.
  • Night Vision - This function uses an infrared camera on the front windshield.
  • And the list goes on.

Consult with an experienced auto glass professional to verify which sensors and systems are included in your vehicle. Specialized training is required for auto glass technicians to replace, repair and recalibrate these systems. In fact, some of these systems can only be recalibrated by a certified professional.  Doing this will lower your chances of having auto glass repairs done incorrectly and the need to have them repeated.

How to Safely Repair Your Tech Savvy Auto Glass

Your safest bet for front windshield and back glass (or rear windshield) replacement is to utilize an auto glass professional to complete repairs to your vehicle. Choosing a certified technician from an accredited glass repair shop, such as Glass America, will ensure a quality fix that will return your vehicle to its original condition. You can select an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass replacement, where you are basically saying, "Put my car back to the way it was when I bought it, please!". An expert glass repair technician will then install a perfect-fit to mold, high-quality glass made by the original manufacturer, providing you with the full range of safety and assistance sensors and systems with which the auto glass on your car was originally assembled. Aftermarket glass  may not come with these features. Replacing the same technology on the auto glass is beneficial for safety reasons and because the driver becomes accustomed to certain advanced driver assistance systems that make getting from point A to point B easier. If you are used to depending on the rear cameras in your vehicle to parallel park or back up, you can only imagine how dangerous it could be to realize while in mid-motion that you no longer have those tools available to you. Same goes for overall ease and enjoyment of your ride; if you normally drive your vehicle with these features intact, then driving without them can be difficult and cause unwanted and unnecessary frustrations. Embrace the intuitive technological advancements of your auto glass, and employ an auto glass professional to perform the repairs and required recalibrations to get you back on the road the right way. Contact Glass America, the best in auto glass, today to schedule your windshield repair or auto glass replacement.


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