Top 5 Holiday Car Tech Ideas

Top 5 Holiday Car Tech Ideas

Dec 16, 2022

The holiday travel season is upon us, which means more cars on the road and planes in the air. If driving is your thing (or you’re searching for a gift for the car enthusiast in your life), we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top five car tech gadgets to make any road trip as stress-free and fun as possible. Take a look:

1. Magnetic Car Mount. We all have cell phones and we all need a place to put them when we’re driving. Enter this handy magnetic non-adhesive air vent phone holder. Compatible with most smartphones and air vents, you can take or make calls hands (and stress) free.

2. Radar Detector. Safety first - always. As you drive to your road trip destination, always be aware of your surroundings; that’s where this device comes in handy. Equipped with GPS and 360-degree protection, the radar detector alerts you of potential threats around you. It includes a police scanner, which will let you know when they’re close by. You’ll also be notified of traffic lights, speed limits, and the quickest route.

3. Portable Power Bank. Traveling with the whole family (and their devices) means you must be able to charge everyone’s tech companions. This sleek portable power bank is the answer. It can charge three devices at once and do so twice as fast as regular power banks.

4. Car Seat Gap Filler. Never lose your phone, keys, or credit card again in the dark void that is the space between the seats. The Drop Stop fits around your seat belts and stops any items from falling to those inaccessible spots, saving time (and your mind!)

5. Car Cooler & Warmer. No road trip is complete without lots of snacks and beverages. Lightweight and portable, this car cooler can fit up to four liters, either keeping ice cream cold or coffee warm in your car – depending on what you want! Powered by the cigarette lighter socket or regular power sources, this handy cooler is perfect for the beach, camping, or traveling.

We think these car accessories make perfect gifts this holiday season, especially with holiday road trips upon us!


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