Share Your Car with Us

Share Your Car with Us

Jul 21, 2021

Social media has become second nature in our world. There is little that happens in our day-to-day that is not immediately shared in a story or our feeds with a creative and detailed caption. Whether we have just bought a new outfit, gotten engaged, visited a new country, or bought a new car – there is little we do not share on our social platforms.

Therefore, why not share when your car gets a facelift? In other words, is that a brand-new windshield? Why not share more about your car?

Share Before and After Pictures

When you share the before and after of your windshield on social media, you are joining the fun and inclusive community of Glass America. We love to see how your windshield went from A to B – whether it was repairing a chip or completely replacing the glass because of a crack. With Instagram’s Gallery feature, for instance, you can swipe to see the ‘before’ first and then the ‘after’ (or vice versa!). If that’s not your style, consider a side-by-side stitch.

However, if you would like to share your car, we would love to repost it.

People are much more likely to buy something or book a service if it has great reviews. They are even more likely to do so if a review comes from someone they know and trust. If you are pleased with Glass America’s service, we would be honored if you would let your inner circle know just how much you enjoyed working with us.

Did you not get a shot of your windshield before the repair or replacement? That is okay too – we still want to see your car. Share a picture with our unique hashtag (#glassamerica), and you just might see it on our blog or our social media channels.

Go ahead, share your car with us (and the whole world)


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