Latest Auto Glass Technology Trends in January 2019

Latest Auto Glass Technology Trends in January 2019

Jan 04, 2019

A new year brings the prospect of new ideas and inventions. Technology has been rapidly improving with no signs of slowing down. Certainly, every industry has been positively affected by technological advancements, and the auto glass industry is no different. The latest auto glass technology trends for the first month of this new year include everything from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to smart glass installations.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS are state-of-the-art systems in vehicles to help increase road safety. With implemented safety measures in place to avoid collisions, they have become increasingly popular among drivers. They work by alerting drivers before a problem arises or can even take control of the vehicle to prevent an accident. Something important to note is that most ADAS technology is found on the windshield. Therefore, as technology advances, the auto glass industry must be equipped to repair and replace windshields with this technology.

Smart Glass

In addition to ADAS installations, the glass on windshields have gotten smarter and greener. For instance, glass is lighter, more durable and resilient, while also being increasingly sustainable. Windshields, in addition to windows, have certain technological updates that allow the glass to respond to light, temperature, and moisture, to name a few. Glass America has the ability to inspect and accurately install all windshields, no matter how smart or green they become. Expanding its services and capabilities as often as technology changes, Glass America is as reliable as ever. Continuous training of our technicians ensures that every member of the Glass America is up to date on all new technologies.

Technology in 2019

Glass America not only continues to offer its free, easy and reliable mobile services, but we also stay current with all technological advancements as they relate to windshields. As glass becomes smarter, ADAS become more prominent and customers become more digitally savvy and as an industry leader, our services become more accommodating. Need to replace your windshield and looking for a price? Try our instant quote tool.


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