Car Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Car Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 26, 2018

Cars are more than just a method of transportation to and from work. If cared for, a vehicle is your home during family road trips; the vehicle used to move your child into college; and if true care is given, it can turn into your new 16-year-old's training wheels. A car holds memories, on top of ensuring your family is safe during everything from quick trips to the grocery store to cross-country road trips. It is often difficult to know when to replace certain car parts before they break down and cost you a fortune. Glass America has compiled a car maintenance timeline to help you determine what maintenance your car might need depending on the mile marker it has reached.

  • Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, your car needs an oil change. An oil change is vital to ensuring the engine continues to work at full capacity because it has all of the fluids it needs for maximum efficiency. Routine oil changes also provide a good point to check your car's battery fluids, windshield wipers, tires, etc. for any unusual wear.
  • At 30,000 miles, it is time for your car to hit the spa for a tune-up service. During a tune-up service, the vehicle is examined and any hoses and belts are replaced if needed. Any fluids, like coolants and steering fluids, are flushed and replenished. Your car will run like new.
  • Similarly, at 50,000 miles, your shocks and struts should be inspected to prevent any excessive oil leakage from wear and tear.
  • At 60,000 and 70,000 miles respectively, you should look into replacing your timing belts and water and fuel pumps. Both of these components are vital for ensuring your engine is running smoothly, preventing any potential breakdowns.
  • Meanwhile, 80,000 miles usually calls for a new battery. It is normal for a car battery to become exhausted at this mileage point. A good indicator can be your car needing to be jumped occasionally to often and there is corrosion at the top of the battery. If you are noticing that it's more sluggish and the engine is slow to turn over when you are starting the car. Have it checked before it leaves you stranded.
  • Finally, at 100,000 miles, it is time to have the engine and transmission fully evaluated.

  Checking your car before it breaks down can save you thousands of dollars and headaches as well as prolong the life of your vehicle. Being proactive about your car maintenance can make all of the difference. As much as the internal aspects of a vehicle are critical and you now know the mile marker for each element under the hood, it is also important to know when it is time to replace elements above the hood. Windshields are often forgotten, although they play such an important role in your everyday driving routine. Windshield wipers should be replaced every six months, however, the windshield itself is not so easy to determine. Examining your windshield is extremely important. Glass America can help determine if any cracks or marks on your windshield can be fixed or require replacing the windshield. If so, they can be replaced with state-of-the-art glass and the safest service possible. The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) delineate the proper procedure for every installation completed by Glass America. Not to mention, Glass America's mobile service makes replacement convenient for everyone – no matter your individual needs or specifications! Call a Glass America representative today to determine if it is time for a windshield makeover before your next family summer road trip!


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