Auto Glass Shortage

Auto Glass Shortage

Aug 02, 2021

Have you noticed packages from online purchases are constantly plagued with delays now? Have some of your favorite retailers been having inventory issues? The pandemic has certainly affected nearly every industry, and as a consumer, you often feel how it affects your day-to-day. Unfortunately, the auto glass industry was not above the problems that came with factory shortages and delays. Specifically, this industry is mainly affected by the shortage of materials needed to produce auto glass.

The 18+ months of this pandemic have really been a whirlwind for everyone. 2020 forced manufacturers to completely pause production. Why is that? Well, auto glass was not considered an essential business. Although we understand replacing a damaged or broken windshield is vital, many factories shifted gears to produce hand sanitizer, ventilators, and other life-saving products including the glass needed for the vaccine vials.

Now, as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we can meet orders that may have come in during that period. School is back in session in much of the country, offices are reopening and carpool lanes are filling up with commuters. More cars on the road mean more cars need to be serviced. But what does this mean with the glass shortage?

Looking Ahead

The relationships Glass America has with its suppliers have been an invaluable resource during this time. As things have reopened, and supplies have become readily available, we have been at the forefront of meeting your needs. We not only are a part of a supply chain of employment – an important piece as our country deals with the shortage of workers, but we are also able to provide glass for our customers.

The glass shortage is still a concern, at times, however – it is predicted to become less of a problem by the end of the year. In the meantime, the sooner you contact us for your needs, the more quickly we can source your glass and repair your windshield. Time is of the essence, and your safety is our number one priority.

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