What is the Best Way to Remove Ice from My Windshield?

Winter is a cold season, yes, but for some, it is a season of sleet, snow, freezing rain. This means your car is constantly under harsh conditions, and preventing damage means knowing how to maintain and manage the issues. In the event of an icy windshield, what is the best way to remove that pesky layer of frozen water?

At the risk of sounding trite, the best way to remove ice from a windshield is to prevent it from getting there. That’s right, a windshield cover is your best friend in any season – but particularly in the winter. You do not have to remove something that was never there to begin with. If you do not have a garage or other form of sheltered parking, a windshield cover will protect your glass from the elements.

Sometimes heavy snowfall can make removing a windshield cover difficult. In this instance, remove as much as you can until there is a thin, icy layer. Keep in mind that it does not need to even snow or rain for a windshield to get icy. Morning dew and the right low temperature can cause a windshield to freeze. To further prevent harm, soak a cloth

windshield cover in a solution of one tablespoon salt to one quart of water. If you do not have a cover, spray a solution of three parts vinegar to one part water onto the windshield directly.

Once at this point, the methods of removal are the same – whether it is snow or only ice. You can follow these easy steps:

· Start the engine

· Set the heater to defrost

· Adjust the airflow to recirculate

· Move the temperature control to full heat

As the ice begins to melt, you can use a plastic scraper to remove the ice. The key here is to be gentle and use your judgment. You will need to avoid using anything made of metal, which can scratch the glass and/or damage the wiper blades. Finally, avoid hot water, as it can crack the glass and cause the most damage from thermal shock.

If your windshield suffers damage as you try to remove ice, call Glass America, The Best in Auto Glass, to schedule an appointment with our experienced auto glass technicians.


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