Where Does the Condensation Come from on My Car Windshield?

Where Does the Condensation Come from on My Car Windshield?

Sep 09, 2019

Morning dew on your windshield is not uncommon. This phenomenon is caused when the temperature inside and outside of the vehicle is different. Condensation outside of the vehicle is specifically caused when warm, moist air (typically in the early morning hours before your commute) condenses when it hits the car's colder window glass. However, during the winter months, condensation can take place when the heater is turned on inside of the car. By warming the inside of the car, moisture builds up on the windshield and windows.

How Do I Defog my Windshield?

Colder Months If you need to clear your windshield quickly, the first step is to lower the inside temperature and humidity to match the outside. You will need to turn on the A/C and defrost without heat. A second option is to roll down your windows to dissipate moisture. However, if you need a better solution, it takes a little more time. You will need to turn off all defrosters and turn up the heat. Consider turning on your vehicle and turning on the heat for about fifteen minutes before it is time for you to leave in the morning. This will not only warm up your glass, but it will also adjust the relative humidity, which is the most important thing to do. If you park inside of a garage, please be sure your garage door is open before running your vehicle. Warmer Months When it is warm out, you will need to do the opposite. You want to avoid blasting your A/C. The key is to always try to match the outside temperature. Therefore, roll down your windows, turn the heat on low and use your windshield wipers to clear the condensation.  When Should I Replace My Windshield? Although condensation is a natural, scientific occurrence, there are certain signs to be aware of which will indicate when a windshield needs to be replaced. The ability to spot the difference could keep your family safe. If condensation takes place on the outside, this is completely normal. In fact, it is an indication that your windshield is providing appropriate insulation. However, if the condensation is taking place inside the vehicle, something's not quite right. It is time to hire a professional, and have your windshield replaced and correctly installed. For moments when you may find you are too busy, but condensation is becoming a safety concern, Glass America's mobile service means quick and easy repairs that come straight to your home or office. Do not delay any further - contact your local Glass America today!


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