What Cold Weather Can Do to Your Windshield

What Cold Weather Can Do to Your Windshield

Mar 06, 2013

A critical part of a car's safety system is the windshield. Despite car windshields being made of toughened glass, it is still susceptible to damage. For example, projectile objects, such as a small pebble or rock, can hit the windshield while the car is moving. If the windshield is hit with enough force, it can cause the glass to chip or crack. Car owners need to pay special attention to their windshields during winter. There is a common misconception that cold weather, in itself, plays a factor in the formation of cracks in windshields. In reality, cold weather works as a catalyst that could make an existing chip or crack more severe. Sometimes a car owner will drive around with tiny chips or cracks in their windshields for years without noticing them. A problem often occurs when a tiny amount of moisture seeps into chipped glass. When the temperature drops, this moisture freezes & expands and turns the chip into a small crack. When the car's interior windshield begins to grow warm from the car's heater, freezing temperatures on the outside can cause the crack to spread rapidly. A car owner may also cause chips and cracks in their windshield to worsen by doing the following things:

  • Defrosting their car's glass with hot water.
  • Chopping or stabbing their windshield with an ice scraper while removing stubborn icy patches

Because car windshield glass has a very high density, any structural defects in the glass will cause these cracks to progress. If the car owner is involved in an accident, it can shatter the windshield completely and could injure everyone inside of the car. Since 1999, Glass America performs windshield repair services on vehicles of various years, models or makes. If the windshield can't be repaired by the company, an Original Equipment Manufacturer glass (OEM) replacement is offered, with a lifetime nationwide warranty on workmanship and free mobile service. It is one of the largest and most trusted independently-owned repair and windshield replacement companies in the U.S. Glass America meets the following professional standards:

  • The company has trained and certified technicians
  • They only use products that meet FMVSS standards
  • It follows all adhesive manufacturer's instruction
  • It provides a written record and warranty and carries adequate insurance

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requires that auto glass adhesives be strong enough to hold the windshield to the car under certain crash conditions. Since your windshield is a safety device, the adhesive used to secure a windshield needs enough time to cure to meet FMVSS performance requirements. Glass America uses high performance adhesives that contain high accelerator components that cure faster, so you can get on with your life.

Determining When a Windshield Should Be Repaired or Replaced

Windshield repair is usually the option when windshield damage is minor and is not directly in the driver's line of vision. If the windshield damage is in the driver's line of vision or more severe than a minor chip or crack, then most likely a car windshield will require replacement. Replacing a car's windshield can be an expense that you may not budget for. By repairing it instead, the original windshield retains its factory seal integrity. In addition to safety, windshield repair is usually an inexpensive alternative. If policy owners have comprehensive coverage, most insurance companies will waive the deductible. All repair work done on a car has a set of guidelines provided by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). It ensures that the components of windshield repair meet performance requirements that contribute to the car owner's safety. Windshield replacement and auto glass repair services are both available to clients.


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