Thanksgiving Road Trips

Thanksgiving Road Trips

Nov 06, 2020

Thanksgiving probably looks a little different this year. That’s okay – your sacrifice to keep your neighbors (whether you have ever met them or not) safe does not go unnoticed. We must stick together, and in time, this will be a memory of sacrifice and comradery that got us to a healthier tomorrow. That said, because Thanksgiving is usually met with large family gatherings, you may be opting for something smaller and more distant this year. Of course, smaller does not have to mean boring!

The safest way to visit family is via a road trip. By avoiding airports, airplanes, and too much interaction with anyone outside of those within your circle, you can keep your family and fellow Americans safe this season. The best part? A road trip is not only safer, it can be much more fun and cost-effective.

Be prepped before you go!

Traveling for miles and across state borders maybe this year’s “new normal” for the holidays. If that is the case, you want to make sure you’re not only COVID-free, but that your vehicle is road-ready. What does that entail? An oil change, interior cleaning, brake repair, new tires, and windshield inspection. A fully functioning vehicle can make the difference between arriving safely (and sanely) to your destination and veering off the road because of slippery snow-filled highways.

But wait, accidents happen...

Ensuring your vehicle is safe and ready for the road is necessary, and should be done before you load up the car. Accidents do happen, of course, and while traveling you do not have your local mechanic to simply call for a quick repair. What do you do in the event of windshield damage while out of state? The beauty of Glass America’s many locations in 33+ states in the US is that we are simply a phone call away. No matter how remote, our mobile service technicians can come to you at no extra charge. You can keep roasting the turkey or watching the football game, while your vehicle is being fixed.

Should you run into any unexpected windshield or auto glass issues, call Glass America at (877) 745-2774. Our technicians believe in providing the very best customer service experience so you can get back to enjoying Thanksgiving safely.


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