What is Windscreen Technology?

Vehicle technology is constantly evolving and improving at astonishing rates. As a consumer, you simply blink and the cars on the road have incredible new safety features and capabilities – like augmented reality and driverless cars. However, some of the most fascinating advancements come in the form of windshield development and safety.

What is windscreen technology? That is a great question. Windscreen technology has everything to do with the latest technological advancements in the auto glass industry. To start, we have to address:  gorilla glass, and how it is changing the game. Gorilla glass is known for its smartphone use – making our phone screens thinner, yet stronger and essentially unscratchable and breakable. Can you imagine this kind of technology on a windshield? Well, you do not have to. It is already here. Gorilla glass is developed by dipping the windscreen in molten salt, which causes a chemical reaction that makes the glass more durable – while remaining lightweight. This increased durability makes the glass significantly less fragile.

In addition, augmented reality is not just for high-tech events and video games. Actually, AR allows for superimposing external objects onto the screen for easy maneuvering. This is ideal for navigation – like directions, but also highlighting road names, speed limits, traffic congestion warnings, etc. The possibilities are endless, and are going to make driving more efficient and certainly safer by removing the need to ever take your eyes off the road.

Finally, car manufacturers are considering the concept of wiperless windshields by studying the technology found on fighter jets. By using a sonic sound to repel rain, windshield wipers would become obsolete and visibility would improve dramatically during particularly heavy downpours. 

The one thing windscreen improvements have in common is finding ways to make use of the massive window in front of the driver. The objective is to make driving a smoother and safer experience for all parties.


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