What is Auto Glass Encapsulation?

Auto glass encapsulation is a process to obtain a frame around the glass by injecting a polymer on its border through a framing mold. It is also referred to as the glass assembly part because it serves as a solution for car fittings and aesthetics. The rim is formed with the material as it cools down and encapsulates the glass.

In other words, rubber or molten plastic is injected around the outside of the glass so that it melds the part to the glass’s surface. This creates an unbreakable border around the glass.

Every car shape and model has a different windshield shape. Therefore, no two glass replacements will be identical. This is the reason why detailed questions are asked when it is time for a windshield replacement. An alloy die-casting mold must be developed for the specific car design and shape. A double component of polyurethane (PU) or PVC-TPE/EPDM material is placed under immense pressure within the mold, creating the PU rim. This rim is formed as the materials cool down. As mentioned, once encapsulated the material cannot be removed.

This is a much safer and error-proof method of windshield manufacturing and can also be used for side windows and rear windows because it will not budge. Meanwhile, bonded auto parts that use adhesives, fasteners, and pressure fitting can be removed from the glass.

This method is often used for both commercial and passenger vehicles, especially in North America. If your vehicle requires an encapsulated windshield, Glass America will only use the best brands of glass specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the manufacturer. If you have any additional questions about your specific vehicle, contact Glass America today.


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