What Happens if My Rental Car Windshield Cracks?

Driving a rental car when traveling or when having repairs done to your own car means learning how to use the rental car’s features rather quickly. And if your rental is larger or smaller than the car you are accustomed to driving, it can take a bit to get used to it. When driving a rental car, we know everyone is always extra careful because nobody wants to be blamed for scratches or other damage they weren’t responsible for but what if your rental car suddenly has a cracked windshield?

We recommend contacting your rental car company and explaining the situation with your windshield. It may take them a moment to look up your rental car information but it’s always best to call them first because even when your car insurance covers you in a rental, the rental company should be advised right away, before getting the windshield fixed to clarify what their procedure is.

If your car rental company instructs you to proceed with the repair or replacement, Glass America will help by supporting you in filing a claim and providing a statement, should this type of documentation be needed. We’re always here for you – contact us today to get the process in motion!


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