What are the Risks of DIY Windshield Repair?

It may be tempting to use a DIY auto glass repair kit to fix the crack or chip in your windshield, but we strongly advise against it.  Here are some of the risks associated with DIY windshield repair:

    • Toxic Products
      Auto glass repair kits come with a clear liquid resin to be injected into the chip or crack and then allowed to harden. This resin can release toxic fumes that irritate your lungs, eyes, and mucous membranes, especially if you perform the glass repair in a closed environment.  If this resin comes into direct contact with your skin or eyes, extreme irritation or damage may occur. 
    • Amateur Repair May Obscure Vision
      At Glass America, our repair professionals take steps to ensure that the glass repair dries crystal clear and blends in with the surrounding glass well.  When a non-professional repairs a windshield chip or crack using a DIY repair kit, the final appearance of the windshield can vary greatly, leading to unsightly appearing window glass or an obstruction to your vision while driving.
    • Windshield Structural Integrity May Be Compromised
      Glass America will quickly and efficiently determine if simple repair of the damage will restore full windshield structural integrity or if the damage signals that you need a windshield replacement.  When you repair a windshield chip or crack at home with a DIY repair kit, you simply cannot determine if the repair will restore full windshield structural integrity OR if you are repairing a crack so severe that a complete windshield replacement is necessary.
    • DIY Kits Require Ideal Weather Conditions
      Professional auto glass repair is a multi-step process that requires the use of many tools that most automobile owners do not own.  One of these steps is curing, or hardening, the resin used to repair the auto glass with a special UV light.  Since UV lights can be expensive, many DIY auto glass repair kits instruct users to allow glass repair resin to cure in direct sunlight for several hours.  Weather is unpredictable and cannot be relied on for this meticulous step in the DIY process.
    • DIY Repair Cost Not Covered by Auto Insurance Companies
      Drivers often purchase DIY auto glass repair kits in an attempt to save money, but doing so can actually result in spending more money!  Most auto insurance companies cover the cost of auto glass repairs for drivers who have comprehensive auto insurance policies.  Some even waive the insurance deductible for this repair type, because they know that covering the repair in full can help prevent more extensive, and expensive, auto insurance claims in the future.  The cost of DIY kits is often greater than the out-of-pocket expense of a professional auto glass repair service for drivers with comprehensive auto insurance. 


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