What is the Training Process for Installing Auto Glass?

To enter the industry, you do not need to have any prior knowledge. If you enjoy working with your hands, are detail-oriented, and are a hard worker, this is the right place for you. Auto glass training starts from the basics, all the way to advanced level craftsmanship. However, even those who have been replacing and repairing auto glass for decades need to constantly get back into the classroom to learn the latest technology.

Auto Glass Technicians are expected to be knowledgeable in the removal, replacement, and repair of auto glass as well as windshield calibration. However, one does not simply wake up one morning completely aware of the ins and outs of glass, and every single vehicle on the market. Auto Glass Technicians, as you can imagine, have to continuously train to learn the latest information for the industry.

No two vehicles on the road are alike. Therefore, an auto glass technician needs hands-on training to be prepared to do the job on their own. During training, trainees will work with real vehicles and real issues. From small chip repairs to full removals and replacements, Auto Glass Technicians in training will do it all until it becomes nearly second nature. The key is in the practice and first-hand experience.

In addition, cars today come with a plethora of new features. From collision prevention to rear cameras, they are built for convenience and safety and much of this lives on the windshield. Therefore, replacement and repairs now also come with a need for understanding windshield calibration.

At Glass America, we have found that training is never-ending for our team because we want to provide the best possible workmanship and customer service. We also know the job is incredibly rewarding. If you are considering a career as an Auto Glass Technician, check out our open positions.


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