After the Restrictions Ease, How is Glass America Handling Safety and Regulations?

The world has been in disarray for almost two years. Everything we knew to be normal had to change, and now it has certainly become a “new normal.” There are habits we have adopted that should likely stay with us to always keep us and the people around us safe. We want you to know that at Glass America, we have established some safety precautions that will remain in place even as restrictions ease in different states and cities.

The virus has affected various parts of the country to different extremes. This has caused certain restrictions to existing in one city, and not another. However, as restrictions may ease because cases decrease, we still want to participate in keeping those numbers low. Your safety is our priority so we will continue to do our part.

You can review updated precautions on our website anytime and we have listed them here for your convenience. 

  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  • Clean and disinfect our offices, shops, work areas, and restrooms several times per day.
  • Avoid handshakes with coworkers, customers, and vendors.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Use hand sanitizer before (or wear gloves) while working on your vehicle and in your presence.

If your technician is not already wearing a mask and you would feel more comfortable with them wearing a mask, please let us know. We will always keep our distance and establish the safest environment for everyone involved and we ask you to do the same. Before we work on your vehicle, please remove any used masks or tissues from your vehicle’s interior.

The best part about our convenient mobile service is that our repairs or replacements can happen anywhere. Open-air parking lots, your driveway, parking garages – you name it. Ventilation, distancing, and sanitation is the key to fighting this virus together. 

Call Glass America at (877) 734-6680 if you have any concerns regarding our safety precautions.


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