Is There a Difference in the Quality of Auto Glass?

The short answer is - yes!  But rest assured, Glass America only uses the best quality auto glass on the market.  Whether it’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass or an aftermarket brand, we only present the best auto glass options to our customers, as your safety, the structural integrity of your vehicle, and preventing future damage are top priorities for us.

If you need to repair or replace your vehicle’s windshield, it’s always best to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass.  OEM, as the name suggests, is identical to your original windshield.  However, there are many aftermarket brands that are just as good quality as OEM glass.  It really boils down to which aftermarket manufacturer is being used - and we only work with the most trusted manufacturers available.  

If OEM glass is not available, the aftermarket manufacturers that we use are the next best thing for you and your vehicle.


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