Is it expensive to add advanced safety systems to cars?

Advanced safety systems are features that help you, the driver, stay extra safe while driving or parking your car. They are technological advancements that minimize human error. Nowadays, many vehicles come equipped with some of these features, while others can be purchased as add-ons.

Take a look at the advanced safety systems we feel are worth the added expense:

· Rear-View or Back-Up Camera

What it does: Displays the view from behind your car as you’re backing up to help avoid hitting pedestrians or other vehicles. Cost: Camera prices start at around $30; full systems such as Auto Vox start at $150; professional installation is recommended.

· Blind-Spot Detection

What it does: Keeps an eye out for obstacles in your blind spots and warns you with an alert (usually a light on your driver and passenger-side mirrors) if someone is in your blind spot. Some blind-spot monitors will sound an alarm or cause a vibration in the steering wheel.

Cost: $300-500; professional installation is recommended.

· Collision Avoidance/Warning System

What it does: Alerts drivers to potential crashes. Sensors take into account your vehicle's speed and the distance of other vehicles or obstacles and then sound an alarm if they sense an impending collision. These sensors are especially useful for avoiding crashes when changing lanes if someone is in your blind spot. Collision Avoidance Systems can also snap a driver back to attention if their attention drifts during a long drive.

Cost: $65 - $850+, depending on how sophisticated your system is.

If your car doesn’t come equipped with these systems, we recommend spending the extra money to invest in your safety.


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