How to clean lovebugs off the windshield?

Despite its name, the lovebug is not loveable at all. Although they do not bite or sting humans, they can present some real hazards to your car. Their name comes from the fact that they are usually paired together with a “mate.” They’ll attach their bodies to their mate and fly in tandem together. Many lovebugs swarm near roadways and, as a result, cars that drive through clouds of these insects end up with decreased visibility, which can result in potential car accidents.

In addition to hindering visibility while driving, lovebugs also:

· Can damage your car’s engine

· Can damage your car’s paint

· Can invade areas with excessive moisture (basements, attics, and storage rooms, we’re looking at you)

· Can disturb your plants

Now that you know how pesky these creatures can be, how do you get rid of them when they land on your windshield? Here are some tips:

· Wash them off painted car surfaces and windshields ASAP. Try to resist the temptation to blast them with washer fluid and a swipe of wipers. It'll create a slurry of bug parts (no thank you.) Instead, use a high-pressure washer, like a hose with an adjustable nozzle, to blow bug remains off your vehicle.

· Wet a dryer sheet and use it to wipe off the bugs. Let the water soak in, and reapply a couple of times if needed. The good news is the dryer sheet does not scratch and pulls most bugs off easily. Because it may leave a residue, rinse with soap and water.

· Fill a bucket with hot water and soap. Using a sponge or cleaning rag, soak the affected area. Let sit for a few minutes, and repeat. The hot water will loosen the bugs, and they can now be easily removed.

· Some effective commercial cleaning products are Super Clean, Simple Green, Spray 'n Wash, and Clay Magic.


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