How Do I Schedule an Auto Glass Appointment for a Company Vehicle?

Numerous businesses have a fleet of company vehicles. Regardless of your industry – mobile pet grooming, event catering, restaurant delivery, floral delivery, plumber, etc. –branded company vehicles create visibility across the community, and the consumer receiving the goods or service will recognize your vehicle. Of course, just because it is a company vehicle does not make it maintenance-free or guarantee it will never be involved in an accident. Accidents happen. When there is damage to a vehicle’s glass after a collision, it needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

Because it is a company vehicle, your driver may not know what to do about it and may not even be listed on the insurance policy. Depending on your company’s infrastructure, you or the designated person on your team will need to take the next steps. We have tried to make the process as simple as possible – visit our Commercial Repairs page and fill out the form.

This form helps our agents and technicians understand more about your business, and the exact service you may need for one company vehicle or an entire fleet of company vehicles.

Be sure to have the following vehicle information available when completing the form:

· Year, Make, Model

· Vehicle Type

· Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

· Mileage

· Plate #

· PO #

· Location

· Knowledge of damage to the company vehicle

If you have any additional questions or concerns when scheduling an auto glass appointment for a company vehicle, do not hesitate to call our customer service team at any time!


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