How to Avoid Insurance Scams and Windshield Replacement Fraud?

If you have watched the news recently, you have likely seen several reports on both the increased rate of scams occurring to millions of Americans, as well as global supply chain issues. Unfortunately, the auto glass industry has been affected by both of these crises. The good news is, however, that there are ways to protect yourself from scammers in 2022. The key is knowing what questions to ask.

You might be wondering how you can be scammed in the auto glass industry. Well, for one, if someone is offering to repair or replace your windshield for free, it is certainly a scam. This is particularly prevalent in states like Arizona and Florida, where insurance companies do not have deductibles for windshield damage. However, scams can be less obvious.

When an auto glass repair comes with additional incentives, it can mean the repair shop is not credible. You should not be offered movie tickets, free car washes, or gift cards with your appointments. In these specific instances, the shop is trying to pocket some of the money from your insurance company. Similarly, a repair shop that wants to pocket insurance money may prescribe a windshield replacement for an undamaged windshield or one that needs a minor repair. This is, without question, fraud.

The key to avoiding sneaky repair shops is to ask to see all accreditation. A properly staffed and licensed auto glass repair shop will have accreditation from the Auto Glass Safety Council. This shop will not use refurbished glass or repair undamaged glass. They will be sure to work with your vehicle’s manufacturer and only use the glass intended for the specific make and model of your vehicle (i.e., OEM or similar).

Understanding what you need is key to preventing a scam. Thankfully, Glass America is a recognized leader in the auto glass industry and offers excellent customer service. Get a quote online anytime or call us with any questions!


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