What Does a Day in the Life of an Auto Glass Technician Look Like?

A day in the life of an Auto Glass Technician looks different for every member of the Glass America team. There is no opportunity for boredom or getting into a career rut when the industry is ever-changing and each day is filled with unique job assignments.

An Auto Glass Technician begins their day early by looking over their schedule and ensuring their company vehicle has all the parts they will need for the day’s jobs. They will likely call their first customer as they head out on the road to let them know they will be there soon. Once finished with the first job, they will advise the next customer that they are headed their way and so on. However, because every single vehicle is different, although the tasks may be similar, no two jobs look the same or require the same exact steps. An older vehicle may need a repair or replacement, while newer models will also require rechttps://glassusa.com/glass-careers/alibration and additional testing to ensure all of the vehicle’s features are properly working. This means Auto Glass Technicians develop impeccable practical and detail-oriented skills since they are working on people’s vehicles and the result must always be perfect. Each day’s schedule will vary in terms of the number of jobs based on how many are repairs and how many are replacements. Throughout the day, the technician will keep their manager informed of their progress.

The best part of the job for Glass America’s Auto Glass Technicians is that their auto glass training never stops. There are new makes and models released every single year, and technology only continues to evolve. With every new vehicle comes new challenges, and new elements to learn. Therefore every Auto Glass Technician must keep learning and training. An Auto Glass Technician must have great people skills because their number one task is providing superior customer service, since they are working with customers and their vehicles all day long, every single day.

Let’s not forget, there is a career ladder. At some point, an Auto Glass Technician may find that he enjoys the training aspect of the job, and would like to train others. A manager’s schedule may include some repairs, while also having office days where they manage staff schedules, appointments, phone conversations with clients, and more.

A day in the life of an Auto Glass Technician can be interesting and challenging while also providing great job satisfaction. If you are interested in working with Glass America, take a look at our current open positions.


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