How Long Can You Go Before I Need a Windshield Repair or Replacement?

The words replacement and repair mean very different things – and they probably mean very different dollar signs. Whether or not damage to your windshield needs a replacement or repair is completely dependent on what the damage is, where it is, and how it can be remedied. However, one fact remains across the board – do not wait too long to get either. 

When there is damage to a windshield, it completely affects the structural integrity of the glass, and therefore, does not meet the necessary safety requirements to keep you and your passengers from harm’s way, should you get into an accident. Not to mention, a small chip that can easily be repaired can turn into a crack that calls for a replacement.

How can you tell whether or not you need a replacement versus a repair? 

A replacement is required if: 1) the glass is tempered and not laminated, 2) the crack is longer than a dollar bill, 3) the crack (or chip) is deep, 4) the crack (or chip) extends beyond the edge of the windshield. It is important to have an expert take a close look, to ensure you are not putting a bandaid on a more dire situation. 

However, in the case the chip is small, in the center and not deep – a glass technician can inject resin in the area to fill it and prevent it from spreading.

Regardless, it is important to call a glass technician immediately upon sight of any windshield damage. Time is of the essence to ensure any damage does not worsen with time. In fact, temperature changes from day to night, moisture in the air, and even a rocky road or large pothole can make any damage significantly worse in the matter of seconds.

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