Top Memorial Day Safety Tips

Top Memorial Day Safety Tips

May 17, 2019

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. This holiday is particularly exciting as it marks the beginning of summer for many. Pools open, cold weather is "officially" over, and school is almost out. As the last major holiday weekend before the Fourth of July, families enjoy the final road trip before children are off to camp or summer school!

Memorial Day Celebrations

It is not uncommon to host family reunions, graduation parties, prom parties or even end-of-school-year parties during Memorial Day Weekend. In fact, any excuse to clean out the pool and turn on the grill that weekend is a going to be a great idea. For some, the festivities are hosted by someone else – the family member or friend who always plans the perfect summer party. But before you pack the car up with food and kids, it is important to ensure your car is ready for the road.

Glass America Mobile Service

If you have any questionable chips or cracks in your windshield or rear window, you should definitely contact your local Glass America right away to have that repaired or replaced. However, you may find that your car is in perfect condition before you hit the road. What happens when a chip or crack happens along the way? Thankfully, Glass America has mobile service almost everywhere in the country. Glass America technicians come to you – wherever is convenient! Chips are not uncommon when driving on highways or even dirt roads – like on the way to a campsite or other more rural area in the US. If a chip occurs, do not hesitate to contact Glass America before traveling much further. A small chip can turn into a much more serious crack, which puts you and all of your travel companions in danger.

Safety Tips

  1. Inspect your vehicle for chips and cracks; contact Glass America if you need an immediate repair.
  2. Make sure to take breaks every 100 miles to ensure you are not falling asleep behind the wheel. The easiest and most effective way to avoid accidents is to remain alert, under all circumstances.
  3. Finally, try to avoid driving at night. Vision is impaired and you may encounter a tired driver on the road who hits you, as careful as you may have been.

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe are to constantly check your vehicle and remain as aware as possible on the road. For the rest, Glass America has your back . . . or front – windshield, that is! Contact your local Glass America today!


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