Summer Plans Heating Up Your Vehicle

Summer Plans Heating Up Your Vehicle

Jun 23, 2021

Summer is upon us! If the fact that it is June was not enough to signal this, the heat has certainly arrived. This means that escaping to water parks, hikes at higher elevations, and driving to nearby ice cream parlors are going to be more popular than ever. After we spent most of the summer at home in 2020, it is thrilling to make some plans for summer 2021. Is your family planning a memorable road trip? If so, now is as good a time as ever to get your car in the best possible shape.

The first step is to check your brakes, give your engine a tune-up, and ensure your windshield is in pristine condition. Once those crucial life or death elements of your vehicle are checked, it is time for the parts that involve comfort. What is arguably the most important part of the vehicle to your children? That’s right, a functioning radio or Bluetooth speaker and air conditioning. Nothing says road trips like an epic playlist and escaping the summer heatwave.

Once you are on the road, however, how can you ensure your car remains in the best condition possible? For one, you can avoid using most of your fuel to cool down your vehicle by using a sun shield to keep the car cool when it is parked. This way, the interior of the car never reaches unbearable temperatures that require additional cooling downtime before it is safe to sit on a leather seat. Keeping a safe traveling distance from other vehicles is always recommended but especially when dump trucks or construction vehicles are on the road near you as they often have rocks that fly off and could hit your windshield. The easiest way to avoid a windshield crack or chip on the road is to be proactive and preventive.

That said, accidents happen – and so does unplanned damage. When is damage ever planned? For situations like that, Glass America has your back. With locations scattered across the continental US, our technicians are never too far away. Of course, if you want to make sure Glass America is only a phone call away, consider one of these summer road trip ideas.

Arizona: Phoenix to Page

Arizona is one of the country’s greatest hidden gems. A road trip across the entire state provides incredible views, multiple opportunities for nature exploring, and pit stops at quaint local shops and restaurants. You’ll surely have stunning photos to share with family and friends after a trip through Arizona.

Northern Pacific Coast Highway

For the family that loves the ocean, this is the trip for you. An opportunity to escape the city and breathe in the fresh ocean air while enjoying cool summer nights. This is arguably one of America’s most scenic roads.

New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Louisiana has it all – it is America’s opportunity to experience French culture but also gives you the chance to see life on the bayou up close on an airboat ride. New Orleans holds an incredibly rich history and is home to some of our nation’s most resilient citizens. The incredible food is something your family will be talking about for years.

New York City to Newport, Rhode Island

If you live on the east coast – particularly in a big city like NYC or Philadelphia, a road trip to the quaint seaside town of Newport is a dream come true. Between fresh fish and local shops, you can spend a weekend or days on end breathing in fresh air and sleeping without honking horns or sirens.

Family road trips create some of the best memories. Whether the kids bicker in the backseat about which song to play next or card games are played at rest stops with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, it brings the family closer – geographically and emotionally. Not to mention, most road trips do not require months of planning. Pick a weekend, pack up your bags, and visit an iconic American town with the kids – and rest assured that Glass America’s got your back with free mobile service if you need us along the way.


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