Spread Love & Safety with Windshield Care

Spread Love & Safety with Windshield Care

Feb 14, 2021

It is February – which means it is a month filled with love and self-care. Of course, nothing says love like being selfless for others. Particularly, car safety when the roads are icy. Did you know that almost 160,000 auto crashes occur annually due to icy roads? The best thing you can do for yourself, your partner, your family, and your neighbors is to be alert and take as many preventive measures as possible, to keep you and your passengers safe. Let's talk about how to be proactive this winter.

In the Northern Hemisphere, February is the coldest month of the year. This means that there is a constant fluctuation between freezing and below-freezing temperatures – depending on where you live. This, of course, can take a toll on your vehicle. To ensure you are being as safe as possible, it is time to show your car some love – from bumper to bumper including your windshield.

Review these common tasks that should be on your to-do-list throughout the year but if you have been ignoring these, there's no time like February to get them checked off.

  • Test your battery
  • Check your tires for wear
  • Check wiper blades (and replace if necessary)
  • Refill wiper fluid with the right wiper fluid
  • Have your windshield inspected – windshield safety is critical

Cold temperature can do a number on your vehicle. Start with testing your battery as its power can drop along with the temperature. Secondly, check your tires! Are they showing signs of wear? You can have your local dealership or mechanic install winter tires with a deeper, more flexible tread if that's necessary for your area.

And finally, windshield safety . . . from wiper fluid that is rated for -30 degrees to properly working windshield wipers. Any small crack or chip in your windshield can turn into a serious problem in colder temperatures. The key to a safe winter is preventing further damage to your car's windshield – schedule a windshield inspection. Proper windshield care is incredibly important in the winter months. The temperatures are not only harsh to your hair and skin, but they also take a toll on your car.

This February, show your family and vehicle some love with proper maintenance for the sake of safety. Spread some love by running through the checklist above for you and your loved ones for Valentine's Day. Nothing says "I love you" like "I care about your safety."

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