Shifts in Car Technology and Impact on Auto Glass

Shifts in Car Technology and Impact on Auto Glass

May 10, 2021

The future is now. The things we used to see in our favorite movies of the 1980s and 90s are happening right now. Technology continues to advance to levels we only once imagined, especially within vehicles. It is no wonder automotive engineers are taking every bit of new tech and seeing how they can best use it to design new and improved cars.

As of 2021, we are seeing backup cameras, forward collision warnings (FCW), heads up displays, and blind-spot viewers as commonly integrated features in cars to make driving safer and more efficient for drivers. It should come as no surprise that auto glass technology also continues to improve with each new design.

Just this year, we have begun to see navigation projected onto the windshield of some vehicles. Oh, and would you like to order takeout so it arrives by the time you pull into the driveway? That just might happen sooner than you think.

All of that said, most of the technology we see in cars today is linked to the windshield. One of the more popular features is the FCW which is possible via a camera installed in the glass. A FCW notifies the driver of an impending frontal collision because the driver is too close to another vehicle or structure. The idea is that this gives the driver enough time to act and avoid the crash. Seeing as this feature is so important, when a windshield repair is being performed, the technician needs to worry about remedying a crack or chip (or replacing the glass) as well as making sure to recalibrate the camera so the FCW system continues to function as expected.

The exciting update, however, is that auto glass technology is going beyond that. Glass America believes our technicians must stay in the know about the latest in car technology, especially if it concerns your safety. We recommend giving us a call even for a small chip or any questions you might have regarding your windshield’s technology. Our customer service agents will help advise the best plan of action to prevent the chip from further spreading into a larger crack. In addition, we will also help to advise special glass that might be needed for your vehicle. This brings you one step closer to scheduling a repair to ensure your car is in the clear for driving. As you know, driving with a crack or chip affects the integrity of the windshield glass, and makes it unsafe for your commute.

At Glass America, your safety is a priority and we value the trust you place in each of our teams around the country. Additionally, we know that you are busy so the easier and more convenient we can make your repair or replacement, the better. Because of this, we always offer FREE mobile service – we come to you wherever you are whether that is the parking lot of your job or the ball field where your child is playing that day.

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