Replace Your Auto Glass with the Pros at Glass America

Replace Your Auto Glass with the Pros at Glass America

Apr 03, 2023

Whether your windshield has a tiny crack or a little chip, it’s not something you should ever ignore. Those seemingly small damages can quickly turn into a dangerous driving situation for you and your loved ones. A cracked windshield not only affects visibility but also compromises the integrity of the glass, which is intended to protect you in case of an accident. Having your auto glass repaired offers these benefits:

· Saves money - The cost of replacing your auto glass is much more expensive than a simple repair of the damaged glass. Be sure to take your car in for repair as soon as you notice a chip or crack, as the damage can spread very quickly.

· Saves time - We combine the highest quality materials and workmanship with fast, efficient service. Whether it's our mobile service dispatched to your home or business or an appointment scheduled for one of our drive-in service locations, we’ll get you in and out the same day.

· Increases windshield life - The methods and materials used to fix small chips and cracks in windshields not only fix the damage but also help strengthen the affected area and its surroundings. This helps to maintain the structural integrity of the glass and protects it from being damaged by minor accidents.

However, not all chips and cracks can be repaired – and will need a total replacement. Our experts will inspect your windshield and let you know the safest and most cost-efficient option for your windshield's specific damage.


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