Pros and Cons of Having an Electric Vehicle

Pros and Cons of Having an Electric Vehicle

Mar 01, 2022

Have you been personally affected by the rising gas prices? During a time like this, you might be grateful you own an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one. Like anything else, there are certainly pros and cons to having an electric vehicle. Let’s explore them together. 

What are the Pros to Owning an Electric Vehicle?

For starters, the obvious: lower running costs. Since the vehicle is fully or mainly battery-powered, you are less affected by the fluctuating gas prices. Your vehicle can either be charged at home when idle, or at a designated charging station within your town or city. The key is knowing your options before taking it on the road, especially for longer trips.

Although there is a cost to either installing a charging station at home or using a public one, there is quite literally no contest with gas prices – even when they are at their lowest.

Secondly, an electric vehicle is the more eco-friendly option. It goes without saying that vehicles contribute to a large quantity of fossil fuel emissions, which directly correlates to our worsening environmental crisis and climate change. By switching to battery powered, you are lowering your personal carbon footprint. If you want to make a meaningful impact in your community or country, an electric car is absolutely the move.

Finally, but certainly not least, electric vehicles have simpler, more reliable engines that also happen to be quieter. Because the car is battery-powered, it does not need the intricate build of combustion engines that exist in traditional cars. This, in turn, makes them nearly silent when operated. Electric car owners have highlighted this as a main reason to make the switch.

Now, What are the Cons to Owning an Electric Vehicle?

First of all, switching to an electric car does feel more expensive upfront. Much of the savings involved comes with owning the vehicle – and not needing to use gas, etc. The fact remains, electric cars are more expensive than traditional ones when seen at the dealership. 

Secondly, electric cars have a reputation for depreciating faster than a traditional car. This had everything to do with potential battery issues after long-term use and a general lack of information on them. However, time has shown that vehicles are highly reliable and they are depreciating less and less.

Finally, distance and range is a major con – if you are someone who travels long distances often. Depending on the vehicle, it may need to be charged often, and that requires an extensive knowledge of charging stations within your route. The key, for sure, is to have a charging station at home to ensure it is at least charged when idle every evening. 



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