Have Yourself a Merry Glass Christmas

Have Yourself a Merry Glass Christmas

Dec 22, 2021

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Does your family have the infamous “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” debate every year? Do you have any specific traditions like cookie decorating or carol-singing? What is Christmas without a gingerbread house contest?

Christmas is a wonderful time to rest, relax, and enjoy family because it is the one time of year most people can turn on their “out of office” messages and unwind after a long year. Some families spend days in the kitchen preparing traditional meals. If you live in a cold climate, you might be experiencing a white Christmas and making snowmen with friends or drinking homemade eggnog. Whatever it may be, it is the time of year to enjoy traditions or make new ones.

The best part about the holidays is resting. The to-do list is paused, offices are closed, meals are prepped, and the gifts are wrapped. You should only be concerning yourself with who is serving dessert, what time your family is making hot cocoa, or what your resolutions are for the new year. At Glass America, we do not want you to have to worry about anything else either.

If snow is falling, try to park your vehicle in a garage or put a windshield cover on your car to protect it from damage. Of course, if there is existing damage or something does happen after a road trip or even while it is parked in the driveway, we can come to you. Our convenient mobile service means no Christmas plans or traditions need to be paused or delayed. Glass America’s mobile techs are focused on providing superior customer service. Call us to schedule your windshield repair or replacement and our telephone agents will walk you through the process from requesting your insurance information, the make and model of your vehicle, and a description of the damage to your car’s auto glass. Beyond that, nothing else should concern you. Let Glass America handle the rest.

We believe the holidays should be stress-free and spent with family.


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