#DaylightSavings Lose an Hour, Gain Spring Weather

#DaylightSavings Lose an Hour, Gain Spring Weather

Mar 01, 2022

March marks not only the beginning of spring, but holds a very promising holiday: daylight savings. This may mean that we lost an hour of sleep that night, but it does encourage the prospect of spring, warmer weather and bright flowers blooming in your yard. 

What is the Future of #DaylightSavings?

Daylight savings is such a hot topic – so much so, Congress just passed a bill in record time to make it permanent. However, what does this mean? This would be that the twice-annual clock-changing ritual would come to an end. The bill is called the Sunshine Protection Act and would begin in 2023. The bill now lands on President Biden’s desk where he will then decide if it should become a federal law. 

Regardless of what happens with that bill, the fact remains: we changed our clocks in March and spring is upon us. This means spring break, spring holidays like Easter and Passover and, with that, the potentiality of family road trips.

Spring Road Trip Safety Tips

During road trips, it is important to keep certain things in mind to keep yourself and family safe on the road. 

Be sure to take necessary breaks so you are not drowsy. Experts compare driving drowsy akin to driving drunk. This is because you are not as alert and your reflexes are definitely slower.

It is important to keep your distance from the drivers in front of you to prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle and windshield. If they stop suddenly for whatever reason, a good distance can save you from a terrible, costly accident.
You should check tire pressure before a long trip to ensure you have complete control of the vehicle to prevent collisions. 
Wear sunglasses! With brighter mornings, it is important to make sure you do not need to squint while driving. In fact, consider polarized lenses that prevent glaring.

Finally, don’t text and drive! Safe driving requires your full, uninterrupted attention at all times. It is the only way to ensure your reflexes are at 100% and you are able to prevent any potential accidents or mistakes on the road.

Daylight savings does mean we lose that one hour of precious sleep in March, but it also comes with the promise of spring – and eventually summer. There is nothing quite like quality family time during the warmer months, like picnics, drive-in movies, barbecues and road trips. If your car has a suspicious chip or crack on the windshield, why not be proactive and get that checked before you get on the road? For whatever you might need, Glass America is here to help!


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