What’s New in the World of Auto Glass Processing?

What’s New in the World of Auto Glass Processing?

May 12, 2022

Just as life changes and evolves, so does the automotive industry. Just think about the cars you’ve owned and the differences from your first car to your current car. Have you ever wondered about the windshield or sunroof on your car? You know they’re made of glass, but what kind and how’s the quality? Will they hold up in the event of an accident? Let’s try to address some of these questions.

According to Glastory.net, auto glass trends point to bigger, thinner, and more complex glass. Why is this happening? “The trend toward thinner glass is being driven by the global requirement to cut CO2 emissions by reducing glass weight. Thinner glass increases the range of battery-powered cars.”

Automotive glass manufacturers need to make sure they’re equipped with the most current technology to keep up with the latest trends. To produce thin automotive glass, auto glass processors should have specific equipment - fine and adjustable cutting and breaking tools to allow precise control of low cutting pressures. A special jet ring with an optimized coolant supply for low deflection of thin glass and exceptional edging is also recommended.

The final important piece to the puzzle is convection heating. By using this type of heat, auto glass manufacturers will ensure the whole unit is heated evenly and quickly which can prevent quality issues.

At Glass America, our motto is “Quality means safety, and safety means everything” and we stand by this. We are committed to only using the highest quality glass and keeping up with the latest safety trends and practices so that we can continue to be The Best in Auto Glass. Glass America has more than 300 certified Auto Glass Safety Council technicians ready to provide you with premium service across the country.

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