Employee Success Story: From Glass America to Human Relations for Aurora, IL

Employee Success Story: From Glass America to Human Relations for Aurora, IL

Mar 07, 2023

At Glass America, we appreciate, value, and love our employees!  They are the heartbeat of our company and what has kept us going strong for 24 years and counting.  When an opportunity presents itself to share special employee accomplishments with our customers, we can’t wait to do so!  

Luanne Lo Monte has been a passionate and highly influential leader in support of Glass America’s ID&E initiatives, and she has now been appointed to a key leadership position in support of her local community in Aurora, IL. Luanne was interested in simply joining the City of Aurora’s LGBTQIA+ Advisory Board, but, based on her valued experience and distinctive leadership, she was selected to serve in a broader leadership role in support of Aurora’s Human Relations Commission.

Since joining Glass America, Luanne Lo Monte has been committed to our company’s culture of inclusion and diversity at all levels. Leading by example, Luanne actively champions and supports our ID&E initiatives. Luanne’s passion for ID&E also extends beyond the office, taking that same spirit to help others in her local community.

What started as an interest in supporting her hometown LGBTQIA+ Advisory Board has become an opportunity to serve her city in a greater capacity. Glass America is proud to share the announcement that Luanne Lo Monte has been appointed to the Human Relations Commission for the City of Aurora, IL. This is an outstanding achievement and such wonderful recognition for all the impactful work Luanne has done over the years.


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