Baby Car Seat Safety Tips

Baby Car Seat Safety Tips

Aug 01, 2019

As a new or expectant parent, car seat safety is likely on the top of your list of research topics. What is the safest way to install the car seat? How do you know which size to purchase for your child? These are not only valid questions, but important ones. As children are still in their developing years, car seat safety should not be taken lightly. There are three main baby car safety tips to consider before strapping your child into their car seat.

Top Three Safety Tips for Baby Car Seats

A small child is still developing anatomically. For one, their spines are not fully developed and their heads are proportionately larger than their bodies. This fact means they are at great risk of injury, should there be a car accident with them on board. The best way to ensure their safety is to get the appropriate car seat for them. However, simply strapping your child to a car seat is not the only tip to consider.

  1. Direction of the Car Seat

    Frontal crashes are the most common car accidents. Imagine the impact this has on a small child if they are facing the windshield. This why it is also important to ensure you have a quality windshield. In fact, the damage can be fatal. Experts highly recommend installing car seats to be rear-facing. If your child is 2 years or younger, install the car seat in the middle of the backseat facing the back of the vehicle. This way, their head, and neck are cradled by the seat, should an unexpected accident occur.
  2. Backseat Passenger

    Experts cannot stress this enough: babies in car seats should absolutely be in the backseat. Children who ride shotgun are in serious danger of injury or death caused by a passenger airbag.
  3. The Seat Belt or Harness Placement

    Small children need their harnesses to be placed at or directly underneath their shoulders. On top of that, no seat belts should be strapped above blankets or bulky clothing. The best guarantee of safety is a tight and secure seat belt and/or harness. A blanket should only ever be placed above the harness.

Glass America puts your family's safety above all else. From windshields to car seats, there is no irrelevant or minor detail that should go unnoticed. As a new or expectant parent, we understand car safety can seem daunting. The first step to ensuring safety is a full car inspection. Whether it is your windshield or engine, your car should be in great shape for family road trips and carpools.


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